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I just wanted to give special thanks to Ronald from Tags Direct, the service that was provided by the company was second to none! The security system and tags we ordered were fantastic quality and we were happy with the extra lengths that were taken to ensure we were provided with the best prices available.
We did have some issues where the de-activator we had (second hand) did not like the new security gates but the after sales service we received was fantastic, Ronald came and tweaked our system several times until the issue was resolved and the system was perfect.  Ronald would always attend to our requirements in a very fast and timely manner and I would not hesitate recommending or even using Ronald and tags direct again for any future requirements.
Ben Czulowski
Ocean Storm Fishing Tackle
      l         r
We have had 3 systems installed to date without a hitch. This is a rare company - truly intelligent and valuable customer/technical support coupled with great product availability and prices. Will definitely deal with ‘Tags direct’ again. They go out of their way to please!
Brewsters Knitwear
keilor hampton mornington
Keilor Shop Hampton Shop  Mornington Shop
Lily + Minx operate two young ladies fashion boutiques in the Wollongong region.  Approximately 18 months ago we moved our Fairy Meadow operation into much larger premises, we decided at that time to introduce a security tagging system in order to reduce our stock losses.  We chose tags direct on the basis of locality and value for money.  Since then we have opened our second boutique in the Crown Street mall, also protected by a tags direct system.  We have been extremely happy with both systems and will certainly use them again in all of our upcoming locations.
Solely on the basis of our experience we would highly recommend tags direct, the systems have operated most effectively and whenever any issue has arisen the service has been same day, most friendly and completed in a highly competent manner.
Owner Lily + Minx
Fairy Meadow Shop Wollongong Shop Shellharbor Shop
There is no better piece of mind than having an excellent security system in place . Before we were constantly loosing stock or having uncomfortable conversation with customers regarding manual bag checks! - Now the staff can concentrate on simply serving the customer! It was so easy to implement & we have never looked back! Now we just wish we had this installed years ago.
Bree Lewis
Production Manager
Wheels & Dollbaby Showroom
I am the owner of a SPORTSPOWER store. We have wide range of product lines and thousands of products on the shelves. We need a good EAS system to protect our stocks. We used to have an old EAS system. It was very bulky and didn’t work properly. We then switched to Tags Direct’s C-2100 System. This system is much smaller, more efficient and support longer aisle distance. Tags Direct supplies good variety of tags and accessories, so there is always a solution for us to apply. I am also very happy with Tags Direct’s after sales service. There is always someone to answer the call if I needed support, and we always get the support calls resolved in a few hours.
Will Reynolds
Tags Directs Service is second to none.  Weve been dealing with the company for just over a year now.  6 months ago we moved into a new store in Stockland Shellharbour, we understand the importance of having a properly working and serviced system.  Tags Direct set us up with an entire new system.  With any new system comes teething troubles.  Tags Direct were extremely prompt to service our system and advise us on any improvements.  Their after sales service is excellent.
Tammie and Samantha
Detour Lifestyle Directors
dt1 dt2
I have a two storey fashioning boutique. I keep many expensive quality dresses and garments in my shop. Since normally there is only one staff on the floor, I lost some expensive dresses and accessories. Now Tags Direct installed an EAS system for me. This system is so good that I don’t need to worry about shoplifting, but to concentrate serving my customers. I think every shop should get one of these systems, because it is so affordable and it really helps. So, if you are serious about loss prevention, drop whatever you are doing and speak to Tags Direct.
Plume Fashion
Manger: Jig
I am a fulltime staff of a lingerie shop. Everyday, I need to spend lots of time with my customers to help them with their needs. When I am serving a customer, it is very hard to keep an eye on others. When the shop is busy, I start do feel stress. I can’t concentrate on my customer, because I have to make sure everyone is doing the right things in the shop. However, we still lose stock. The boss is not happy either. Few months ago, we had a security tagging system from Tags Direct. The system worked so efficiently, we didn’t lose anything since. The more important thing is that now I am more relax in the shop. Even when the shop gets very busy, I don’t need to worry about the stock, but concentrating doing my own job. Now everybody is happy and our business saves money.
Casa Mia Lingerie
Everything has being going really well since weve had the security system installed. There has been few attempts of theft but they were unsuccessful. Working in the shop when it gets busy is much less stressful -thank you very much!
Venus Flytrap
Hannah Uy
I used to have an old Knogo system, but this system was just too old to do a good job. The tags were too big and too heavy and the sensor didnt cover a big enough area. Tags Direct upgraded my old system with an up-to-date model.  Tags Direct traded in my old system with a higher than market price trade-in and replaced all my old tags for free. The new system is very accurate and the tags we are using now are only 1/3 of the size of the old ones.  Because the tags are so cheap, I can now tag every thing in my shop. 
Gallery Serpentine
I own a hiking and adventure travel store in Wollongong CBD. My products are very popular. They are of high quality and are easy targets for the shoplifters. There were ski jackets (quite expensive ones) that were stolen from my store. I once saw a guy grab 2 jackets and run. The CCTV in the shopping mall caught pictures of the man, but to no avail. The thief was never caught, hence, I never saw my jackets again. I had heard the security tagging system could prevent stock shrinkage actively rather than just taking pictures passively. From my experience, the CCTV has not helped me directly. Six months ago, Tags Direct installed a security tagging system for me. After 2 weeks, I felt the difference. The trouble makers don’t come any more. The system not only protects my stock, but also keeps the unwanted shop lifters away.
If I had put the system in earlier, I wouldn’t have lost so much stock. The customer service is excellent and I am very happy that I can call Tags Direct at any time with any queries.