Which System Suits My Store Best?

As mentioned in "What is EAS System", there are 4 types of EAS systems in the market which three of them are currently dominating the market: radio frequency (RF), acousto-magnetic (AM) and electromagnetic (EM). EAS systems operate on different principles, thus making them incompatible with one another. Each of the above systems has its advanges and disadvantages. And this makes it very hard to come to a conclusion to say which system is the best one.

To date, RF remains the most widely adopted system worldwide. RF operating frequencies generally range from 2MHz to 10MHz. Compared to AM and EM systems, RF systems boast the lowest power consumption and label costs. They have the thinnest soft labels as well as high effiecient hard tags that are born to be immunized against magnets. Generally speaking RF tags are 1/3 the prices of AM tags.

Predominantly used in Europe, particularly in book stores and libraries, EM systems normally operate on 12.5kHz. EM antennas are larger than those used by other EAS systems, with the maximum distance between entry pedestals pegged at 40in. Some EM tags are rechargeable. Such EM tags are especially good for the rentle market whereas tags can be recharged and recycled. EM tags tend to be disrupted by common magnets, and are said to be prone to interferences.

Similarly, AM tags are disrupted by common magnets. Operating at 58kHz to 66kHz, AM systems consume more power than the other EAS types. Comparing with RF systems, AM system is more adaptable to metal material except iron and steel. So in certain extension, AM system is less likely to be interfered by metal-intensive environment like hardware stores.

Generally, AM and EM systems power usage is said to be 20 to 30 times higher than that of RF systems. The cost of obtaining and installing an EAS system depends on the type of system used, size of the retail establishment, and the amount of merchandise to be protected. A typical EAS system can pay for itself in one and a half to two years time.

To choose a right system for your retail store, there are several things you need to consider:

1. The characteristics of your business.
2. Cost of anti-shoplifting systems and accessories.
3. Compatibility with different brands of anti-theft devices.
4. After Sales Service.

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