What is ink tag?

Ink tags represent a different idea of loss prevention solution. It referred to as benefit denial products, because ink tags discourage shoplifters from benefiting from the stolen products which are mainly clothing. If a shoplifter attempts to forcibly remove an ink tag from its locking device, the ink tag will erupt and ink will spill out onto the garment permanently defacing it, so the stolen merchandise can neither be worn nor sold.


  • Ink Tags can be used alone. They do not rely on a detection system to work with. So ink tags are more economical to use for small shops.

  • No fault alarms and system maintenance. Since there is no involvement of Detection Systems, of cause, there is no fault alarms and you dont need any installation and maintenance works.



  • You may forget to remove the tag from the merchandise, so customers have to come back to get it removed.

  •  Because there is no detection system, shop lifters can take the products from your shop without your notice and remove the tags at home when they have plenty of time and tools.

  • Most of ink tags are safe enough to use, but the risk still remains that shop staff or customers may break the ink cartridge by accident and damage the products.

  • Ink Tags are not suitable for everything.Ink Tags are only good for clothing and textile. You can’t use it for hardware, sport gears or boxed products etc.

  • Shop lifters may damage your products by trying to remove the tags. So they don’t get it and you don’t get it either.