What is the benifits of EAS ?

  • Protect your store inventories and reduce shrinkage
  • Deter shoplifters and eliminate their stealing attempt from your shops
  • Allow your products be fully presented to the customers, so customers can easily examine them or try them.
  • Increase store staff"s service quality by providing them a secured and stress free working environment. Your staff can now concentrate on serving your value customers and create more sales rather than serve one and watch another one.
  • Enhance your shops profile and image. EAS system is becoming part of your shop decorator and brand building tool. Finely built EAS systems provide you more just loss prevention itself.
  • Provide a feeling of security and trust for your customers. When you go shopping, you dont want to be watched, as it makes you feel guilty and kills all your shopping mood. With the protection of EAS, merchandise is protected by security tags, not eyes or cameras.
  • Reduce your operating cost and increase your profits with its outstanding performance.