Pinhead Lanyard

This lanyard is made of twisted Multi-fibre steel wire. This clever device is a cross between a double loop lanyard and a steel flex string. Neat, tidy and secure. Suitable for almost every type of tag. Pin Lanyards are widely used in retail shops. Some products like leather handbags, suitcases, shoes are not suitable for pins. Pin Lanyards are ideal for these products and make your tagging free of hassle. 

Product Name  Pin Lanyard
Condition  Brand New
Reusable  Yes
Available Length  150mm / 250mm / 350mm
Application Work with any AM and RF Hard Tags which work with pins
Packing Detail  100 Pcs/pack
Includes  100 Pin Lanyards



pinlan1 pinlan2
pinlan4 pinlan5
pinlan3 pinlan6
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