Red Tag System

Red Tag System In Depth
Red Tag is AGI Amarays , Europes largest DVD box manufacturer, product. From Amerays website you will see all the basic information about the Red Tag system.


The Benefits of Using Red Tag in Retain Industry
Video Demonstration of Red Tag system
Here we want to talk more about Red Tag system in depth.
We recently compared a few different DVD loss prevention systems in the market. And based on our study, the Red Tag system is the most cost effective and secured system of all.
The Red Tag system is the only DVD loss prevention system that secures both case and disc.
Most of other lockable DVD cases only lock the case but couldn’t do anything to secure a disc from being removed from its disc holder.  Red Tag system, however, does both.
In Fig.1 and Fig.2, the Red Tag is inserted underneath the disc holder. The disc hold is formed by two inwardly extending redial arms. When these arms are in their nature position, disc is engaged on the disc holder. When the disc holder is pressed, the arms move downwards, and disc pops up. However, when Red Tag tag is inserted, it prevents the arms from going downwards, hence lock the disc to its holder.
The benefit for disc locking is that even the shop lifters force to open the DVD case from its side,  they still couldn’t access the disc.
 redtagwithcase         redtagcloser
                           Fig. 1                                                                                   Fig.2
Simple and Fast
Red Tag system is the simplest and fastest system. To apply a red tag, simply insert the red tag into a DVD case, quick and easy, no other devices are needed. However some other systems like “One time” system needs a remover to lock and unlock the case which doubles the work.
Low Cost
Many DVDs and Blueray discs are originally packed in the Red Tag compatible cases. Retailer just need to insert the red tags into the cases to get them protected. There is no need to break the original package or repack the discs. All the stock can be placed on the floor protected. It saves massive man power as well as time.
All the red tags are reusable and can be recycled in store, so after a few recycling, your Red Tags pay off themselves.