Glasses / Spectacles Tag


The Glasses Tag enables display of glasses live in an effective, stylish and discreet manner

The Glasses Tag is a compact and light weight tag specially designed to fit on glasses and sunglasses. They are available in 58 kHz AM (Acousto-magnetic) and 8.2 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) technology. As the smallest and lightest tag in the market, customers will hardly feel the tag when trying on glasses/sunglass frames. The tag uses soft rubber pads to grip the frame and will not scratch or leave residue.

7 Unbeatable Benefits

• More Secure Than Conventional Swing Tags (Can Not Be Cut Or Taken Off)

• Save You Money And Reduce Ongoing Cost. It Is Reusable and Convenient to put on(Non-Deactivatable)

• More Customer Satisfaction. Customers Feel Free and Comfortable When Putting On The Glasses

• Small, Unobtrusive And Lightweight – Perfect For Glasses/Sunglass Frames

• Generate More Sales. Open Display Encourages Customers to Try and Buy.

• Store Labor Costs Reduced. Not Need To Unlock and Lock The Stands or Cabins.

• Strong Deterrence On Unwanted People

Dimension: 22mm x 24mm x 24mm
Frequency 8.2MHz / 58KHz
System Capability Checkpoint, Nedap, Lucatron and other 8.2MHz systems / Sensormatic, WG and other 58KHz systems
Detection Range s2
Packing Detail 100 Pcs / Pack
Description Compact and light weight. Small security tag for spectacles. Suitable for most of the spectacles and sunglasses.